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Nicom IT Services Ltd Support Agreements

Thank you for your interest in Nicom IT Services Ltd Support Agreements. Below you will find information on the support plans that we offer.

We have 2 types of Support Agreements. The first is a fixed agreement that covers your networks and other IT related equipment. The second is a Peace of Mind Support Agreement that helps keep your computers on track and on task.

Peace of Mind Support

We understand that your laptops and computers are a pivotal part of your business. We offer flexible IT support and our Peace of Mind service (POM) will ensure that your hardware is always running to its optimum performance. We carry out a 10-point check on your devices to ensure that any problems are picked up early before they cause downtime to your business. The table below shows some examples of POM support pricing. Starting from just £17.50 a month this is a low cost service that gives you the peace of mind that your equipment has been checked over.

1 Device 2 Devices 3 Devices 4 Devices
Per Visit £17.50 ex vat £25 ex vat £32.50 ex vat £40 ex vat
Agreements can be taken out for 12,6,3 months or 1 visit annually.

From each visit you will receive an overview of the state of your computers; we will check the following and you will receive a report detailing the results.

  • Hard disk health         
  • Memory Health  
  • Disk Space Check    
  • Virus/Malware Checks 
  • Update Check
  • Environment Check
  • Driver Check
  • Visual Check on all related cables
  • Peripherals check (not inclusive of Printers/Scanners)
  • De dust inside of the device (PC’s)

Peace of Mind support clients will be given a 10% discount on any additional work required (For example, needing a hard drive replacement). Employees of the organisation with an active Peace of Mind Support Agreement can also get 10% off any work they have done with Nicom IT services Ltd by quoting the Peace of Mind agreement number prior to having any work completed.

If you are interested in Peace of Mind, please email for a tailored quote for your business.

IT Support Packages

We offer 4 levels of IT Support which are Starter, Bronze, Silver and Gold. These support packages offer different levels of support to suit your business, whether you need just a little support or want the most that we offer. The table below details the level of support we can offer you. We also offer Ad hoc support as detailed at the bottom of this table. Please note all prices below are exclusive of VAT

Please note the Starter package is only available for organisations with 5 or less devices

Prices £595 PA £995 PA £1795 PA £3495 PA
Service Starter Bronze Silver Gold
Number of machines supported <5 6-15 16-30 30+
Unlimited support calls / troubleshooting incidents per month for existing hardware
Hardware Repairs (Per Year) 6 12 15 Unlimited
Onsite support at no extra cost if issue can’t be fixed remotely
Online Support Ticket facility
Secure remote access to all your computers and servers
Weekly backup check (tape / hard drive / online)  
Windows updates installed
Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantee
Minor tasks – adding users, additional email accounts
Virus log management (if server virus solution installed)
Existing software updates (minor versions)
10% discount on extra work outside of IT contract  
15% discount on extra work outside IT contract      
Disaster Recovery Plan  
Service Level Agreement (SLA) 1 Day 1 Day 12 Hours 4 Hours
ISP Management – liaising with your ISP to resolve broadband issues  
Domain name management – resolve issues with domain names, emails and other DNS records  
Application Deployment – new software installation at no extra cost  
30 minutes free on-site support per quarter      
60 minutes free on-site support per quarter      
New equipment installation (replacement)      
Procurement advice and research      
Asset Register      
Strategy Planning      
IT Management of Projects      
Free space monitoring on server      
Backup Test (every 6 months)      

If you reach your limit of hardware support you will be billed for any extra services that you use until your renewal date. If you have a Starter agreement and increase your device count above 5 and would like these to also be supported an additional charge of £7.50 per machine will be added per month.

Ad Hoc IT Support

We can provide any of the above as an ad-hoc service. This is charged at £35 per hour for support via, Phone/Remote Access and onsite visits.

The Service Level Agreement for Ad-hoc / Response time is 2 days

Refer a Friend

Support Agreements: If you refer another business and they take out any one of our support contracts, you will receive £50 off of your next annual renewal.

Peace of Mind: If you refer another company and they take out any POM support contract you will receive £10 off your next payment.


Payment for support can be made either monthly, quarterly or annually. You won’t be charged a penny more for opting to pay in more than one instalment. You will receive an invoice a few days before each payment is due.

Please note that we are VAT registered. So all prices are exclusive of VAT

Managed Antivirus
We can also provide a managed antivirus for £45 per machine per year. The minimum amount of devices is 5. We will remotely monitor each machine for viruses and remove any threats from the machines.