Nicom IT Services Ltd

Nicom IT Services LTD began with just 2 people, husband and wife team Nick and Sarah. Over the last few years we have now grown to a team of 5. We are all very friendly, easy going and have a passion for IT and helping others. Each member of the team have different skills that they bring to the business.

The Nicom Team – from left to right Craig, Ant, Nick, and Sarah

Nick & Sarah Rutter

Sarah had previously had a career in the care sector, working in both a hospital and domiciliary care environment as a carer and Care Co-ordinator. Sarah also worked for a few years as a Housing Estate Manager in Haverhill. When Nicom decided to open a store Sarah started to work in the store to support her husband Nick with the business. With the help of Nick’s expertise she can do most repairs and has good knowledge of IT. Sarah does most of the admin, HR and payroll as well as looking after our EBay store.

Nick and Sarah have been running Nicom IT Services since 2015. Nick has a wealth of experience having worked in IT all of his career. From IT Technician to most recently Head of IT Operations for an Academy Trust he has worked his way up the ranks. Nick now works full time at Nicom so he can dedicate his time and knowledge to the business. He is very passionate about the business and supporting the local community and businesses.

Craig Telford

Craig joined the team in January 2021, having previously worked as an IT Technician in a secondary school. Craig is our Business Support Technician, in charge of our Business IT Contracts and is the one who does most of our Home Support visits.